Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men

Low Testosterone and Men's Health

Aging is a natural part of our lives.  In many cases, a man's testosterone levels will begin to decline in his 30's.  Low testosterone has numerous symptoms that might also be explained by other other health issues. It is important to ensure the underlying condition creating the symptoms is addressed before evaluating or treating less life threatening conditions such as erectile dysfunction, low libido, or loss in muscle mass (symptoms of low testosterone).

Good nutrition and an exercise routine go a long way in slowing the aging process.  But, for those men who have been evaluated and determined to be appropriate for testosterone therapy, there are various hormone therapies available. 

Creams, gels, tablets and injectable testosterone are often prescribed to address testosterone deficiencies.  There are several problems with these methods of hormone delivery. 

The first is the inconsistency in how the testosterone enters the body. Creams, gels, tablets and injectables are not consistent in their delivery which create there own side affects. The second is cost. Many pharmaceutical companies charge a high price for this medication. 
Dr. Ravi believe's a more consistent delivery of hormones to your body can be achieved thru testosterone “pellets” placed under the skin. This “pellet” contains a time released "bioidentical" hormone customized to the patient's needs. The "pellet" may even be less expensive than it's pharmaceutical equivalent.
The “pellet” concept is not new.  There are a number of compounding pharmacies that make the "bioidentical" hormone pellet.   We have chosen to partner with the one company that we believe makes the best quality pellet. BioTE Medical has demonstrated to us that their quality control and support is second to none.  

Take the quiz below to see if you are a candidate for hormonal therapy.  Watch the videos about the value of pellet delivery and how patients have responded to this treatment option.  

Please schedule an appointment to discuss this important health issue and see if this may be a solution for your symptoms. 

What are your symptoms?

Take the quiz to see if you are a candidate for HRT
Low T Quiz 
Does my insurance cover these services?
Services related directly to the "pelleting" procedure will not be billed to your insurance and are paid at the time of service.  We do accept Care Credit for the Consult and other related services. Many of our patients use their Healthcare Savings Accounts, Flex Spending, VISA, Mastercard, or Discover. We do not accept checks

How much does it cost for the pelleting procedure?

In addition to the initial consult, pre-pellet lab review office visit, and minimal office visit for pelleting encounter, the cost for pellets for a male patient depends on testosterone dosage.  A "post pellet" encounter is required which will involve an office visit and labs.  This office visit will be used to adjust the follow on pellet dosing.  Once the patient is established on the correct dosage, pelleting is done every five to six months which includes a minimal office visit.   Additional encounters may be required based on patient needs. 
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