MICROTOX (BABY BOTOX) and Botox. What’s the difference?

Microtox, also referred to as Baby Botox, is an alternative approach to the popular Botox wrinkle reducing injectable treatment. Some patients are looking for a less prominent or less obvious change to their face, or are concerned that typical Botox injection amounts may lead to an “emotionless” or frozen expression on their face. For these patients, Microtox is a safe and proven injection technique to deliver small volumes of Botox in a more targeted way. Results with Microtox are more effective and more predictable for the right candidates. Dr. Ravi provides Microtox treatments to patients in Charlotte, Concord, Huntersville, and surrounding communities.

Microtox includes tiny doses of Botox (Baby Botox) that are delivered under and onto your facial skin using micro needles. Women and men who seek to reduce their facial lines and wrinkles, but want to avoid the highly potent Botox treatment can choose Microtox. 

Your physician should have specialized skills to successfully administer Baby Botox with natural looking results. An experienced injector will utilize Microtox to make your skin appear more compressed and tighter. It will reduce the facial lines, making you look more youthful and appear rejuvenated.

As long as you have chosen a fully trained and experienced provider for your Microtox anti-aging injections, you can expect to achieve exceptional results. Microtox treatment independently or in conjunction with other injectables, such as volumizing fillers, can provide the following aesthetic benefits:  

  • Create tighter and smoother skin around the face, neck, and eyes  
  • Slim down your jaw line  
  • Reduce the crow’s feet around your eyes 
  • Correct sagging eyelids  
  • Provide a gentle lift to the brows 
  • Diminish the sagging under the eyes  
  • Volumize the mid-face and reduce “crepey” cheeks  
  • Narrow the enlarged pores 
  • Mitigate facial sweating and flushing 
  • Soften the chin dimples  
  • Improve the contours of the nose  
  • Tighten neck and décolletage skin  

If you are bothered about the appearance of aging lines on your face, but want to avoid a strong treatment like Botox, you may be a candidate for Microtox. This Baby Botox treatment will intentionally leave some natural movement of the facial muscles (unlike Botox, which fully relaxes the muscle).  

While you may have a few subtle fine lines and wrinkles left after Microtox, you will achieve more natural looking effects and your ability to make facial expressions will remain intact. If you don’t want anyone to know that you have undergone Botox treatments, you might be better off with Microtox because the results are more subtle and natural looking. 
Treatment time with Microtox is less than 20 minutes, and you can simply return to your normal routine after the injections. Therefore, the treatment ideally suits those who want facial rejuvenation treatments with minimal or no downtime. 
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