Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser hair removal for men
Laser hair removal remains the #1 cosmetic laser treatment performed in the United States. Underarms, facial hair, bikini, legs, back and other body part areas are easily eliminated using the latest in laser hair reduction technologies. For permanent hair removal, the hair follicle’s bulb, bulge, and papilla must be destroyed using joules of light energy. Laser hair removal requires a target (melanin) to see the actual hair within the follicle so it is not as effective with blonde and white (gray) hair individuals. The number of treatments vary based upon the hair growth cycles of various body locations and is safe and comfortable to the patient.
The reason for multiple treatments is due to the target of the laser hair treatment being melanin, only actively growing hair contains melanin in the bulb and germinal matrix of the hair. The growth cycles for hair are Anagen (active growth), Telogen (no growth), and Cathagen (hair is ejected) stage of development. Lasers only effectively treat the hair in its Anagen Phase: multiple treatments are required.

We use the Aerolase Neo 1064 system for hair removal because it works for all skin types.  An important factor in 1064 YAG laser hair removal is the differences in patient skin types and how we are able to safely treat patients with higher Fitzpatrick types or have different ethnic backgrounds where treatments need to vary for each individual skin type. The Aerolase NEO system allows for varying pulse rates and utilizes micro-second technology allowing for the treatments for all skin colors as well as eliminating the need for anesthesia at the area of treatment. Longer 1064 wavelengths penetrate deeper under the skin sparing the epidermis (where melanocytes are contained) and effectively wounding the hair follicle residing in the dermis. Pulse durations determine the amount of thermal damage that can be obtained when each laser shot is administered. Short pulse duration gives more thermal damage and longer pulse duration are safer for darker skin and compromise effect.

Laser hair removal requires expertise in wavelength selection, fluency, pulse duration, and cooling (skin relaxation) in order to give comfortable and effective treatments. We are the laser hair removal experts and we are able to make the fluency adjustments for anatomical location, hair and skin color, diameter and depth of hair follicles, and hair density. When it comes to lasers no one setting is correct for every individual, call us today and set up your free consultation for a lifetime of being hair free.

Body location of hair also is important in the number of laser treatments needed as the percentage of hair that is in the Anagen stage is different for various body locations:

 Body Location % Anagen Hair Telogen Approx # Treatments
Beard/Face 70% 10 Weeks 6-7
Upper Lip 65% 6 Weeks 6-7
Axillae 30% 12 Weeks 6-7
Arms 20% 18 Weeks 6-7
Legs/Thighs 20% 24 Weeks 6-7