What you need to know about getting botox injections

Botox is probably the best-known medical aesthetics procedure out there. 

You’ve heard of it, right? 

We figured.

Still, new clients come to us with the same questions about Botox and what to expect from a procedure. 

Many people get their information from a variety of sources, but as Botox experts, we wanted to share how Botox can help make you look younger, age gracefully, and how quick and easy of a process it is.

Let’s get started!

What is Botox and how does it work?
Some people don’t realize that Botox Cosmetic is actually a brand name under the company Allergan. It’s one of several brands that makes neurotoxin injections, that when used in very small doses, will weaken or paralyze the muscles by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles. 

According to the Botox Cosmetic website it’s “the only product FDA-approved [since 2002] to temporarily make moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines look better in adults." 

When Botox is injected into the body in very small doses, it causes wrinkles to relax and soften. It’s most often used to smooth out wrinkles and lines, but it can also be used to treat excessive sweating and neck spasms.

Botox is a very safe procedure when done correctly by a skilled medical professional, such as Dr. Ravi at illumeMD.

What You Should Know Before Getting Botox
Botox is definitely one of our most sought-out procedures at illumeMD and for good reason. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Botox:

Why is Botox good for wrinkle treatment?
Wrinkles occur due to the repeated movement of muscles within your face. Wrinkles can also be caused by several other factors, such as a reduction of collagen, sun exposure, skin tone, genetics, diet, & (de)hydration.⁠

Botox relaxes the muscles and diminishes their movement, which prevents the muscles from contracting and folding the skin. It's used not just to smooth out wrinkles, but also to prevent them in the first place.

What else does Botox treat?
Botox also treats sweating & spasms. While Botox is most commonly used to treat fine lines & wrinkles on the face, it's can also be used to lessen sweating in the underarms, feet, hands, and neck spasms.⁠

How long does it last?
Initially, treatment every 3 - 4 months may be necessary. 

Over time, we can achieve the same desired results with less frequency or a lower dosage because as exaggerated movement diminishes, wrinkles soften and become less visible. 

Our goal is to get to the point where we only need to treat you every 6 months.

Who is allowed to administer Botox injections?
In the US, only licensed medical professions are legally allowed to administer Botox injections. However, specific rules vary by state. 

What can I expect during a Botox treatment?
The treatment itself is quick and easy. It takes less than 5-10 minutes to perform, depending on what areas are treated. Dr. Ravi will assess your facial muscle structure and then rapidly makes 5-6 injections per treatment site. 

The procedure is not painless, but it’s not overly uncomfortable, either. You have the option to use a topical numbing cream, at no additional charge. Most of the time, our patients will opt to just use ice during the procedure instead.

For even more details on what to expect during a Botox procedure, go to our what to expect (link to https://illumemd.com/pages/botox) page. 

How much does Botox cost?
The cost of Botox will vary by medical aesthetics practice. At illumeMD, we charge $11.99/unit of Botox. We offer special Botox pricing for new patients and on your first visit, each unit of Botox will be discounted to $10.99/unit.

Botox Cosmetic frequently offers promotions and discounts through their free loyalty program Alle (link to https://www.botoxcosmetic.com/brilliant-distinctions-program). Once you’re a member, you can also build up rewards that will help you save on future treatments.

What are the risks and potential side effects with Botox?
The biggest concern when having this procedure is a droopy eyelid. This happens when Botox migrates down into the muscles above the eye, but having a skilled physician, like Dr. Ravi, performing the procedure essentially makes this a rare occurrence.

Other potential side effects include: 

  • mild pain and swelling in the injection area
  • headache
  • tiredness

When should I start getting Botox?
Botox is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Most patients typically start getting Botox around age 30, some even in their mid-20s as preventative measure.⁠

Here's our guide to getting Botox by decade:⁠

  • In your 20s: You want to prevent wrinkles occurring in your early 30s.⁠
  • In your 30s: You’ve started to notice a few wrinkles—particularly crow’s feet and brow lines—and you want to prevent them from becoming deep set.
  • In your 40s: You start to notice deeper lines around your eyes, particularly crow’s feet, forehead & frown lines, and upper eyelids.⁠
  • In your 50s: This is typically when lines between your eyes particularly become more pronounced as changes due to the menopause make your skin drier and more prone to wrinkles.⁠
  • In your 60s: You want to look fresher, with rejuvenated skin, rather than wanting to appear 30 years younger.⁠
Botox Before & After

So, now that you’re steps closer to being a Botox know-it-all, the only thing left to do is to try out the procedure for yourself. We look forward to seeing you soon at illumeMD!

To learn if Botox is right for you, please call our office at (704) 817-9421 or request an appointment online (link to https://illumemd.com/pages/contact-us)  to schedule your complimentary consultation.